Twin Valley Ranch, Box 382, Binscarth, Manitoba Canada R0J 0G0
2015 Purchase Agreement - Before foal is born.

* Please print this form, fill it out, and mail it with your deposit of $500.00.  Please use one form for each foal.

I understand when the foal is born alive and healthy I am required to send the 1/2 of the remaining balance of the purchase price within 4 days of the foals birth.  The remaining balance is then due by July 15, 2015.

Buyer Information:                                                                   

Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City/Town: __________________________________________________________________

State/Province: ____________________________________ Postal/Zip Code ______________

Phone Number: _____________________________ Email address: ______________________

US Buyer's Social Security No. __________________________________ (needed for exporting)
(if you do not wish to give your SS#, you may phone it in to the border crossing prior to the foal leaving.  Please contact your hauler to inquire as to which crossing they will use.)

It is hereby agreed, between the parties, ______________________________, (buyer) and Twin Valley Ranch (Michael & Lois Drielick), seller that the buyer agrees to purchase the following foal out of:

Sire:____________________________ Dam:__________________________ 

(Choose A: or B:)
A: For the amount of $ _______________________ Cdn (Canadian buyers please ad 5%GST, 
B: For the amount of $________________________US  (Purchase price includes the coggins test and export papers) (it does not include the border crossing fee) *The border crossing fee is paid to the hauler, please make sure you ask your hauler if this fee is in addition to their hauling fee.  *Please note, if the US exchange rate changes significantly before the second payment, I will adjust the price accordingly.

Any additional fees will be invoiced as requested by the buyer - halter breaking, vaccinations, board.

Foals will leave only if they are 100% sound and healthy, any injuries or illness that may arise throughout the summer will be discussed with the buyer and alternatives will be jointly agreed upon.  Either selecting another foal of equal or lesser value, or refund of money.

Foals that are waiting pickup/delivery will incur board costs at $3.00 per day, starting September 15th.  Or in the case of a later born foal, 1 week after the foal is weaned.  Board costs are to be paid in full before they are scheduled to leave.  Failure to pay will result in termination of contract/sale of foal, and loss of any money paid. Please allow sufficient time for payment to get here.

If a foal becomes injured or sick 15 days or more after the weaning date (and is waiting for transportation or while being boarded here), is the responsibility of the buyer.  We will assist any way we can, but expenses/loss become the responsibility of the buyer.

Once the foal leaves Twin Valley Ranch, he/she becomes the responsibility of the buyer.  Any expenses or problems that arise during transport will be referred to the buyer. Purchase of foal insurance is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

If a payment plan has been discussed, please attach plan.  Buyer must stick to the attached plan, or the foal will be listed again as available, money already paid will not be refunded.

Please Sign below:

    I agree to the terms of this contract and have enclosed the $500.00 deposit. 

* ______________________________________ __________________________________
                           Buyer Signature                                                            Date