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Date: _________________________________________________

Horse Name: ____________________________________________

Owner Name:___________________________________________________________________

  Address:  _________________________________________________________________

Ph: ______________________________________ Email: _________________________

Owner agrees to pay the following

$150.00 per month board (due the first of each month) for a weanling/yearling

All Vet expenses (due to illness or injury)

All Vaccinations expenses (West Nile and/or 3-way, or any other vaccination recommended by our Vet or requested by owner)

De-worming as required (as per Twin Valley Ranch’s de-worming program)

Hoof Care/Trimming as required (as per Twin Valley Ranch’s hoof trimming program)

Additional request (regular handling/training) can be arranged at the owner expense.

  Twin Valley Ranch will care for ________________________ to the best of their abilities.  In case of injury or illness, it will be the judgment of Lois and/or Michael to call the veterinarian for immediate care.  The owner will be responsible for any fees incurred, including mileage.

  In case of death, the owner will incur the loss.  Twin Valley Ranch (Lois and Michael Drielick) does not carry insurance on horses that are boarded. No money will be refunded on either board, or the purchase price of the foal/horse.  It is up to the owner to insure their own horse. If the horse is on a payment plan, the owner is responsible to pay the remaining balance of money owing to Twin Valley Ranch.

 Signed: _________________________________________________

Date:  _________________________________